Newsletter No 1 September 2019

Greetings Listeners.

We are now just one week away from the release of our debut album 'The Incredible Shrinking Man'.

Beginning with a weekend of recording a couple of years ago, ongoing Friday night writing and long-form improvising sessions (with the tape rolling all of the time) we have arrived at a collection of tracks of which we are immensely proud and which have distilled down to a traditional two-side LP album.

Key to this happy outcome has been the presence of Stephen W Tayler at the wheel of our ship, Captain, Pilot and Sage rolled into one. We cannot thank him enough for his generosity - unrivalled technical input and towering artistic vision - we love him.

The album is available worldwide through the wonderful Burning Shed, whose involvement in this project is a HUGE plus for us. Burning Shed are leaders in the resistance  - against the world domination ambitions of various digital Reichs. FYI we earn more pennies by selling just one CD or vinyl album than we would receive for around 2000 streams. Hint hint... (or if you speak American 'Go Figure')

We have been asked if and when a vinyl version of the album will be available - so in response we have started counting the numbers interested and if we can get to say 100, then we would press a limited edition on heavyweight vinyl. Register interest via our website.

In the meantime please place your order for a CD using this link

Yours afloat somewhere on the endless sea,

Robert F


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