New Album 'The Incredible Shrinking Man'

"When I first heard a few of these songs I wasn’t expecting to have such an instant reaction. 

What hit me from the start was a deep sense of storytelling in a very cinematic setting - reminding me of one of my favourite film and television genres - Nordic Noir. 

I wanted to enhance the atmospheric backdrops which then led me to look for a way to present, sequence and thread them all together in such a way to create a unique listening experience. 

Fascinating, frequently dark subject matter, along with superb, occasionally minimal compositions along with dynamic and unexpected arrangements. 

Having previously known and worked with Rob and Duncan Forrester it was a complete pleasure to be involved with them again, along with the charismatic Steve Whitfield

A stunning album, not for the faint-hearted!”

Stephen W Tayler - Producer







 The Incredible Shrinking Man

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